At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did.

They will remember how you made them feel.

-Maya Angelou

The simple truths...

No. 1 You're way too hard on yourself.

No. 2 You're wildly talented + are meant to create.

No. 3 Go back and read #1 + #2. Really let them sink in ; )

Seriously. Don't ever forget either one of these things.

You've come to the place where NOTHING is off limits.

Just a few ideas of what we can focus on...

  • Creating a First Class client experience
  • All the businessy stuff
  • My personal workflow + behind the scenes
  • Editing + lighting
  • The good ol' social media
  • Portfolio review
  • Mindset + life as an entrepreneur

The plan.

What even is the plan though? Don't worry, this is where I can help!

We'll work together to create simple steps to make you simply FEEL better about all the things. Hellllloooo confidence booster!

Intentional + authentic conversations.

Thoughtful + purposeful ACTION (actual list comin' your way) .

Dream life living.

Warning: be ready to talk about your BIG dreams. Because I'll totally be asking;)

...I'm already SO darn proud of you.

The details.

2 hours of the most purposeful, dream searching conversations

(either zoom or in-person!)

Split into two, one hour calls. This will give time for those tailored goals we create together, to come to life.

YOUR goals. YOUR dreams. YOUR life.

Zero fluff.

Investment: $550

+ $500 for an added on real-life styled family shoot

"Bloom beautifully. Dangerously. Loudly. Bloom softly.

However you need, just B L O O M."

-Rup Kaur

You can do this.

You're SO ready!!